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No Web Design Vacancies Here

No Web Design Vacancies Bloemfontein

No Web Design Vacancies Here

No, we don't mean you. We mean the industry. On a weekly basis we receive about two CVs from students or young designers that are looking for a web design job. And it's with great sadness that we can't employ each and everyone of them. We'd love to but it's just not possible.


This is the hard reality:

Students graduating now may not be able to find a job next year or even the year after that. The current system is to blame. What South Africa needs now is entrepreneurs. We need leaders, not followers.


Students are facing the following problems:

  1. They are shown to operate designing software, but never shown how it's REALLY being used in the industry
  2. Colleges aren't inviting designers from the industry to further educate students
  3. They are told that businesses would eagerly employee them after they graduate
  4. Their starting salary may not be sufficient to pay all the necessary bills.


The proposed solution:

  • Students must urge their tutors to show them how designing software is actually being used by designers in the industry
  • Training institutes and colleges must invite designers from the industry to educate and encourage students. Students love presentations and are quite eager to learn something new
  • Business owners are not standing in queue for a designer. Students will need to market their skills and show that they are the best at what they do. Otherwise they might never find a job
  • Students mustn't expect to receive a salary that pays more than R5000 after they graduated (Applicable to first year only). Bearing that in mind, they should get a second job in the mean time


I am not being negative, but I still have two jobs and I've been in the industry for over ten years (2008).
Remember: If you don't have a backup plan, it's game over!

The way designers are providing their services to businesses are changing every day. Bearing this in mind students may wish to start their designing career by offering their services as a freelancer. Who knows, they might never work for a boss, but rather become one themselves!

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