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Social Media Marketing Strategies For Bloemfontein Businesses

The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Solution For Bloemfontein Businesses

Congratulations, you just found the only web design company in Bloemfontein that can offer you an all-in-one online solution for your business. This service is so unique that we limit it to only 20 customers. We charge a monthly retainer fee of R2,500 that includes all relevant online services a business would need to create and expand their online presence. So, what exactly are you pay for? Well, trust us when we say that you aren't just paying for website ... it's some much more. Let us answer all your questions.



Who Can Benefit From This Package?

Any business in Bloemfontein that is truly serious about their online marketing strategy. If you just started your small business in Bloemfontein and looking for a cheap way to promote your business, then ... um ... this package is not for you. We are looking for Bloemfontein based businesses that understand the importance of not only having an online presence, but that wishes to establish a brand that people will love and support, no matter what.

Our retainer package is limited to 20 clients in Bloemfontein. Each month we'll dedicate an entire day to one business and help them to promote their products or services via their online channels. This can be a fun photo shoot with their team, or perhaps a small promotional video clip of their businesses premises. What about a 3D virtual tour of your office or your guest house or hotel in Bloemfontein? All of these services we offer in-house.


Cost Of Social Media Marketing In Bloemfontein

R2,500 A Month For A Website? That's way too pricey!

Allow us to explain what services you'll receive - and see why the monthly retainer fee offers a lot more value than just R2,500. Each month we'll consult with the client and decide which part of their online marketing strategy requires a bit more attention than usual.

1. Website Design: Firstly, we'll develop a company website for your business that will allow you to promote your products/services. The website will be user-friendly and accessible to all mobile devices.

2. Website Hosting: Your website will be hosted locally to ensure faster access speeds. Included is the yearly domain renewal fees, hosting of your website and emails. Everything you need from one supplier.

3. Monthly Blog/Social Media Post: Each month we'll visit the business and ask for feedback about their feedback or industry the past 30 days. With the information gathered we'll create a unique blog or social media post that we'll promote on the clients' website or social media channel(s). So, you're basically getting a copywriter included in your monthly retainer.

Product Photography & Video Productions Bloemfontein 4. Photography Services: What if you need to take new or updated pictures of your staff? Or need professional photographs of your products? There is no need to hire a photographer as we have in-house photographers. Why pay R2,500 for a photographer when this service is already included in the monthly retainer.

5. Video Services: There is no doubt that video is a must-have for any successful social media campaign. What if you need some drone footage or interviews with the manager or staff members? Surely a video production team will charge more than R2,500 for a short video clip. No need for a production team, as our in-house videographer will be able to assist with your video needs.


Access To Free Business Space In Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein

Okay, clearly the R2,500 retainer fee gives me a lot more value than expected. What else is included?

Right, let's assume you need to meet some very important clients once a month or perhaps you have a potential client coming to town and need to provide them with accommodation for the evening. There goes at least another R1,500 that you didn't budget for.

What if a refurbished fully furnished 2 bedroom flat located in Langenhovenpark is available to your business one day in a month, every month? Wouldn't that make sense? You could use the flat to meet clients there or simply let your business partner enjoy a wonderful stay whilst in town. This is also included in the R2,500 retainer fee.

Each month, one of 20 clients (see why we limited this package to 20 clients?) may have access to this ground floor unit. Unfortunately, you can't carry over 'credits' to the next month. Each month a client may decide to use (or not use) the property as they see fit. If longer accommodation is required (over weekends etc.) this will be discussed with the client.


Social Media Marketing By Web Design Bloemfontein

Serious About Your Online Marketing Strategy?

This retainer is much more than just a monthly fee you pay for the IT guys to upload some pictures on to your website. If you are passionate about your Bloemfontein based business and really want to establish and grow your online brand, then join our team and allow us to help you go from zero to hero!

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