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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the continuous practice of optimizing a website for certain selected key phrases to get high placement (page ranking) on search engine results pages (SERP). If you can manage to get high placement (page ranking) on search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) it means lots of free traffic to your site, which of course in returns means more exposure for your products or services.

The one thing you need to remember about search engines is that they want to reward their searchers with desired quality links. Bearing this in mind, think of a search engine as a moving target. Your current keywords may place your website on the first results page, but in a year time it may drop you down to third page. 

There are two types of Search Engine Optimization

  • White Hat SEO
    Optimizing a website within the parameters set by search engines. White Hat SEO is a long-term strategy that increases website traffic by sending website visitors in search of relevant content to your website.
  • Black Hat SEO
    Optimizing a website to "cheat" search engines. Websites are optimized to illegally achieve high page rankings. These websites are occasionally black-listed by search engines.


There are 2 types of Search Engine Optimization implementation


1. Internal SEO

Several factors influence the position of a site in the search engine page results. Internal ranking factors are controlled by website owners (text, layout, etc.)

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF)
  • Keywords in page URL
  • Keywords in page title
  • Relevant keywords
  • Meta description
  • Usage of keywords in page content
  • Sitemap Creation & Submission
  • Entire web site layout including its content relevance
  • Links - Link structure, Alt tags, Text link words and titles
  • Keyword density of each major section on the page
  • HTML validation / accessibility


2. External SEO

These are elements that generate website traffic via various channels ranging from traditional to new media marketing.

  • Blogging
  • Public Forums
  • Social Media
  • Online Advertising
  • Traditional Media (Newspapers, Magazines, Flyers etc.)


Our SEO package includes the following

  • Search engine friendly website structure (optimizations & validations)
  • Research of keywords / key phrases
  • Link popularity tests
  • Emerging trends
  • Identify linking partners (improve SERP)
  • Integrate traffic monitoring software
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Suggest relevant online marketing solutions


We don't offer an "once-off" solution as SEO doesn't work like that. We charge a monthly fee of R1,500 and we provide you with reports on how your website is performing with regards to visitors/leads and ranking amongst the big search engines like Google & Bing.

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